There aren’t usually many overlaps between the scientist-by-day and crafter-by-night sides of my life. For instance, one of the daily worries for a scientist is getting scooped, when someone publishes what you’ve been working on before you do.

Recently, I’ve been scooped in my crafting too! For instance, I’ve been working on some little amigurumi knitting projects out of KnitWit by Katie Boyette (I highly recommend it by the way, lots of cute projects with simple, easy to follow directions).

Here are a couple of my projects from that book:


Vampiric Panda

But doing all these amigurumi projects got me thinking…..what amigurumi niche remains to be filled that I could practice my pattern making? And then I thought of it – of course! I could knit little amigurumi lab equipment toys!!!

However, a quick search on Etsy told me that my idea was not as original as I thought. Scooped!!! 😦 Anyway, you should check out the toys in ButterflyLove1‘s store, they’re adorable!!

ButterflyLove1’s amigurumi beaker – adorable!


3 thoughts on “Scooped.

  1. Eileen

    Here are a few patterns I found online (not sure if you’ll be able to see the links without an account), some of them more gruesome than others! Let me know which kind you like, and two little zombie dolls you shall have! If you like exactly the ones listed somewhere, great – we can get the patterns. But if you want, you can tell me what style you like or find some pictures yourself and I will try to adapt or make up a pattern!


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