Knit’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Get it? “Knit’s”. Instead of “It’s”. Oh ho ho! That clever pun is meant to inform you that this is a knitting post! Yay!

While trying to organize a December Crafternoon with my crafty friends, I started pondering what crafty Christmas things I could do and started thinking about ornaments.  My go-to site for inspiration is, of course, Ravelry, so I searched around to find some quick and easy knitted ornament patterns.

To save you from going to the same trouble, here is my Christmas ornament Ravelry roundup! (All the patterns shown below are FREE to members of Ravelry!)

Of course, if one is decorating a tree, the only place to begin is with the lights! And there’s some adorable ones, like these, that you could make yourself! Pfft. Buying lights is so two thousand and late.

I started by looking up some good ol’ fashioned Christmas balls. Because who doesn’t like balls?? I thought these ornaments looked cute (and this one too) and since no one is going to wear them it won’t matter if my yarn isn’t carried over properly behind the entarsia….unlike the hat I made my brother last year for Christmas….

ball1 copy

I found tons of other cute knitted creatures that would make adorable ornaments too! Like these robins, acorns, and this reindeer (I assume his name is Rex because Rudolph is copywrited???).

reindeer copy

But ended up in some sort of weird drooling cuteness coma when I came across this owl, and these sheep. Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Too adorbs.

owl copy

If you want to expand your decorations beyond the tree and into the rest of the house, what about this dear deer head or this amazing knit nativity scene!



Now all that’s left is for me to actually get around to making one or two of these. If I ever do, I’ll be sure to post them!!!


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