The New Apartment: Bathroom Organization

Like many bathrooms, ours doesn’t have much built in storage space. With a pedestal sink, the only tuck-away storage we have is in the medicine cabinet. I hate having bits all over the place and cords hanging everywhere, so I wanted to find a storage solution for my flat iron and hair dryer in the bathroom.

I had pinned a few ideas on Pinterest, like this one below, thinking that maybe I could use mason jars to store my hair appliances.

pinsperationWe don’t really even have enough space around the sink for mason jars though, so Pete came up with a much simpler solution!

Pete just put a couple screw-in hooks from the hardware aisle at Target into the wall in a nook we have between the medicine cabinet and the wall.


My hair dryer already had a little loop to use to hang it, but my flat iron needed a little piece of ribbon tied to the end.


And voila! Neat, easy access, hanging storage for my hair appliances!

SAMSUNGI can’t claim any credit on this one. It was all Pete’s vision. I was making things much too complicated and sometimes the simplest solution is the best. I did, however, find a use for some mason jars in the bathroom. I removed the lid inset and used them for Q-tip, cotton ball, and make up pad storage on the back of the toilet.

SAMSUNGOne day, if I get enough fire under my butt, I might paint the rims of the lids to match our bathroom. But then again, probably not….



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