So Much Fabric, So Little Time….

First off, apologies to anyone who has noticed that I haven’t posted in a couple weeks. I’ve been working on projects that are gifts (tutorials soon, I promise) and didn’t want to post them and spoil the surprise for the recipients! Also, my old laptop is in the process of dying a long, slow, painful death. After more than about 10 minutes awake the poor thing just seizes up on the desk in a fit of fearful dementia until I put it to sleep again, wondering if it will wake up next time….

……which is why it’s my old laptop and I now have a new laptop (Windows 8 is a trip, eh?).

Anyhoo, a couple weeks ago I was forced, practically against my will, to stop in to Britex to pick up some supplies for the aforementioned gifts, and Lord knows I can’t control myself in there! Somehow I always emerge back onto the street stunned, confused and blinking into the light after losing 3 hours of my life and a hefty chunk of my spending money.

But it makes me so happy!!! So who cares, right?!?!?!

I thought I’d share my purchases and what I’m thinking so far…..

1. Teal knit jersey – 3 yards.


I  bought this with a t-shirt dress in mind. It’s a little on the heavy side,  which was intentional since I didn’t want the dress to end up too clingy. I’ve been thinking that Vogue (easy) pattern V8685 might work nicely, adding a bit of tailoring detail to keep it from being too boring.

2. Brown, teal and orange polyester shiny and soft floral – 1.5 yards.


This fabric is the only fabric I actually intended to buy when I walked into the store (tee hee) and had an actual pattern in mind before purchasing the fabric as well. I think it will work really well for this simple Spring Blouse pattern from Craft Habit.

3. Super bright total impulse buy floral – 1.5 yards.


I bought this beautiful bright floral print fabric as a total impulse buy. One of the women who works at the store was cutting some for another customer and I simply had to have it! Originally I had been thinking about using it for a maxi skirt to wear with a white tank top, but once I unfurled it at home I realized it was probably a bit too busy for such a large garment. I’m still a little undecided on this one but I like the idea of a button-up blouse with nice feminine sleeves. I’ve been thinking that the Vogue pattern V1152 would shorten into a blouse nicely.


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