DIY Clutch: Tutorial From Knack and Whimsy

My friend is getting married this weekend and wanted it to give her bridesmaid a cute and stylish gift. She stumbled upon these super chic, adorable and affordable clutches from Knack and Whimsy complete with an easy to follow tutorial!

DIY Painted Purse Tutorial

Photo from Knack and Whimsy –

My friend is so busy with her upcoming wedding that I volunteered to help her out a bit and took on painting the clutches. It seriously took me, like, 30 minutes start-to-finish. We even found the exact clutches suggested over at Knack and Whimsy at Hobby Lobby (thanks for the tip!). The only thing we did differently than the Knack and Whimsy tutorial was we used a spray on fabric paint that was not quite as bright as the gold paint in the original post.

I taped off all the areas I didn’t want painted and laid them out on a garbage bag to keep things neat. When using fabric paint spray, make sure you start and finish the spray off the fabric and to paint with nice even strokes holding the can about 8″ away. The only trouble I encountered was that the paint sputtered on one of the clutches as the can was running out so there’s a spot where the paint is a bit thicker on that one (if you squint you might be able to see the offending blob on the bottom right purse).

DIY PurseDIY Fabric Paint ClutchI waited about an hour for the paint to dry then peeled off the masking tape. They worked great! Thanks so much to Knack and Whimsy for the fantastic tutorial!!!

Hand Painted Purse



2 thoughts on “DIY Clutch: Tutorial From Knack and Whimsy

  1. Elizabeth

    Hi Eileen, Just saw your comment on my original post – somehow I missed it when you posted it. Anyways, I’m so happy my tutorial inspired you! Your clutch looks great!!


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