Organization: Entryway Key Shelf

I put on my handy-woman belt today and finally installed our new front doorbell! I moved in to this apartment in March of this year and the old bell hadn’t been working for long before that, so it was about time!

Anyhoo, that little bout of handiness reminded me that I’d never posted about a little key shelf I’d put up a couple months ago to help organize our entryway. So I’m posting now!

It was driving me crazy to not have anyway to set things down when I got into the house. Things like keys, umbrellas, sunglasses and pocket change didn’t have a place to go. Which meant they were ending up places they weren’t supposed to go. Like the dining table, the bar, the coffee table, etc. Which, as I indicated already, was driving me crazy! The solution? A simple modification to a little floating shelf we picked up at the hardware store.

Entryway storage solutionI pre-drilled some holes into the bottom of the shelf (being careful to avoid where the metal supports insert inside it) then added some of our hand-dandy screw hooks.

Mudroom organizationI added a couple nails in the wall beside the shelf to serve as home to our umbrellas and voila! Suddenly everything has a place and I have one less thing driving me crazy on a daily basis.

Entryway organizationIt’s amazing to me how I’ll put off these simple projects forever and then when I finally do them it only takes about 30 min to finish and satisfies me on a daily basis. Yet I never learn my lesson and continue procrastinating on these little projects!

Anyway, I haven’t been as active with my other crafting in the last couple weeks but I’ve got some projects on the go that I hope to share with you soon!





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