Upcoming: Trip to NYC

I’ve just booked a last minute trip to visit some friends in NYC in a couple weeks! I’ll have a couple days to entertain myself and was just wondering if anyone out there is familiar with NYC fabric stores and can recommend a shop or two to check out?

I know of Mood and found an article online that also recommended B&J Fabrics, Rosen & Chaddick Fabrics, Brooklyn General and Zarin Fabrics. Anyone been to these shops or have any hidden gem ideas? I’m not 100% sure what parts of the city I’ll be getting to but likely only Manhattan and Brooklyn. While in Manhattan I know that I’ll be staying a couple days in Soho and a couple days on the Upper East Side (around Rockefeller University).

Any other non-fabric related “must see” suggestions for me to check out while I’m there? I’ve been to New York twice before so I’ve done some big tourist things like go to the Park, the Natural History Museum and Times Square. Maybe a cool flea market or something?

I’m so excited to have a little last minute trip to look forward to! I’m just hoping the East Coast is finally done with all the weather they’ve been having. I was always a wimp about the cold but living in California has absolutely ruined me now and I no longer have any cute winter wear. Just dumpy ski jackets and…..functional….winter boots.

Yay! Spring (I hope) in New York!!!


5 thoughts on “Upcoming: Trip to NYC

  1. gingermakes

    Hey! Welcome to NYC! I love Mood, of course, and Chic Fabrics. B&J has gorgeous fabric, but they’re VERY expensive. Brooklyn General is mainly quilting/crafting fabrics, rather than apparel, and Zarin only carries upholstery/home dec weight fabrics. I love Pacific Trimmings and SIL Thread for notions, zippers, and trims. And Steinlauf & Stoller is packed with old-school tailoring supplies, if that floats your boat at all. 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

  2. oonaballoona

    i knew ginger would beat me to it! you should also try “it’s a material world”, also known as “h&M” (not that one) on 39th, close to 8th ave. there are ALWAYS a sh*t ton of closing signs taped to the windows, and some really great deals.

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