On the Go…

Life’s been kinda hectic lately and haven’t had much time to craft or post! (You may have noticed the lack of a Pinterest Peeve of the Week last week). Anyhoo, I thought I’d take a moment to give you a sneak peak of what I’m working on and what’s coming up for blog posts and tutorials! It’s funny, I had no idea I had so many projects on the go until I started counting them up for this post. Guess I’d better get busy….

1. Pete’s Hoodie.
My boyfriend requested an upgrade to his favorite hoodie, so we’ve bought all the stuff and I’m supposed to be sewing a iphone pocket onto the sleeve. Er, almost done, baby!




2. Sweater for niece/nephew

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby….and I’m making it everything!!! Starting with this sweater (I swear, it will turn into a sweater in the end) out of yarn they bought me last year for Christmas. It’s gorgeous alpaca wool from the farm down the road from them and I can’t wait for them to see this!!



3. T-shirt quilt

I’ve been meaning to make a t-shirt quilt for the longest time and I finally got it started!!! I’m keeping it simple since it’s my first quilt and doing a patchwork pattern. I’ve got the front  all sewn together and bought the batting and backing last weekend. I’m still debating how I’ll quilt it but I’m leaning toward fighting my initial urge to bite off more than I can chew and  just doing ties.



4. Needle felting

Last Christmas I bought my sister-in-law this needle felting kit from Wool Buddy from the Bazaar Bizzare (or maybe it was the Renegade Craft Fair…). I was dying to try the needle felting myself so finally gave in and bought another kit for myself. Somehow though, I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet!


5. Garbage area

love my apartment, but I’ve hated the mess around the garbage area in our kitchen since I’ve moved in. Pete and I decided to finally do something about it one weekend. We’ve got the basic construction done and one of these days I’ll get around to sanding and painting it. I can’t say that we’re expert carpenters but we definitely made some cool finds that day, the coolest being our local re-build center that recycles old building materials. Way easier and cheaper than starting from scratch!


6. Fix market bag

I found this pattern for a market bag on Ravelry and it looked easy enough. Found some cute $2/skein bright green 100% cotton yarn at Michael’s and thought it would be perfect. All was going well until I decided it would be cute with a hot pink handle. Now it looks like something a 12 year old girl would own. So I’m going to take off the pink handle and re-finish it in all green. I’m still debating whether it might be cute if I lined it with some white or black fabric, but then it would lose its stretchiness…

7. Take in pants
A friend gave me this pair of jeans/jeggings and they’re super cute. Buuuuuut…..they don’t have any belt loops and are just a bit too big in the waist (I have basically no butt/hips what so ever). I’m planning on putting some darts on the top at the back to help hold them up. Shouldn’t be too difficult (famous last words!).

I’ve got a few projects lined up that I haven’t even started yet too! My boyfriend and I are planning on being Max and a Wild Thing for Halloween. We haven’t even started our costumes yet and we’re going to be away for half of October, yikes! At Thanksgiving my mom’s going to give me the yarn, etc to knit my niece/nephew a little hoodie and my brother has already requested some of my hand appliqued onesies (tutorial upcoming). Looks like I’ll be busy through the holidays!

See? I don’t just bitch about Pinterest, I make stuff too!


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