Off the List!

Well, I’ve got one item crossed off my crafting to-do list. I finally sewed the pocket onto Pete’s hoodie! As per usual, I forgot to take pictures throughout, so I don’t have a tutorial. Here’s the Nike hoodie that inspired his makeover;

Pete thought it would be handy to have a zipped pocket on his sleeve for his phone, cards, etc. I think the pocket I sewed ended up being a bit bigger, but it fits a phone nicely. I’m just pleased we were able to match the fabric so well!! Here’s a close-up of the finished product, I’ll update this post later with a pic of him wearing it if I remember to take one.

We chose the white zipper to match the existing zipper up the front of the hoodie. I figured it’d be easiest to just put a seam up the middle of the pocket and sewed the zipper into that. I also hemmed the edges of the pocket before I sewed it to the sweatshirt (rather than pinning the edges down then sewing them in place). Having the visible stitches made it way easier to sew on, allowing me to avoid any hand stitching. When I sewed the pocket to the sleeve, I just sewed in the groove of the existing stitches – gave a nice line to follow to keep things straight. Now all it needs (apparently) is a Trailblazers patch sewn to the chest!


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