Decisions, decisions….

I haven’t been knitting much lately and I’ve been itching to get back into it, but haven’t had the inspiration. Before Christmas I was working on a second sweater for my much anticipated niece/nephew but about halfway through the project I realized it was going to be waaaaaaaaaaay too big for the kid and it has sat untouched since. Maybe I’ll get inspired to take it apart and restart it. Maybe.

Then I started thinking that I’d like to knit something for myself again. Scarf? Cowl? Boring. I knit my mom a really nice beret for Christmas last year and might make one for myself but that’s still not that exciting. I need a big meaty project. And then I thought to myself, what about a sweater?! And then I remembered that I’m halfway through making myself a sweater (I had so thoroughly forgotten about it that it’s not even listed in my “On the Go” post…). But once I finished the back and thought it might end up too big I just kinda gave up on that one too. I WILL finish it though, mark my words.

I thought about it though and don’t really feel like making a sweater. I’ve got lots of ’em. Then it struck me. A sweater dress!!!! As I trolled Ravelry for the perfect pattern it occurred to me that I didn’t want to pick something knit on the world’s lightest weight yarn this time (something I’m prone to doing) and that this might be the perfect project to delve into the world of chunky weight yarn!

Here are some of the patterns I came across that I’m thinking of.

The Diva Tunic

This one is the Diva Tunic. Cute (without the silly sleeves), and a length I’d like but knit on way too small a needle for such a big project I think.

Roam Tunic

The Roam Tunic has the same problem as the last, with being knit on smaller needles, plus I’m not sure that I like the neckline. It is too much of a classic turtle neck and I prefer a larger cowl if I’m going to do something like that.

The last two options are both from the same knit designer and I’m a little nervous to try either one. The Kangaroo Tunic is cute, but might end up being too bulky with the big pocket in front and large kneck. I’m also not sure why the girl is upside down in the post.

Kangaroo TunicThe one I’m leaning toward the most is the Shopping Tunic. It’s simple, stylish and cute and looks like it wouldn’t be too difficult to increase the length and make it a cute little dress to go with some leggings. Or maybe I just think it looks cute on the skinny girl in the picture.

Shopping Tunic

The other thing I’m a little bit worried about, speaking of skinny people, is the comments on Ravelry about this entire book, Twinkle’s Big City Knits. In general it sounds like these patterns are sized very small and contain a lot of errors. For instance, according to the book this pattern requires 10 skeins of yarn (7 in the addendum), but all the knitters have said it only takes 3-4 skeins. I guess I figure the upside of this one is that, on size 16 needles, it would knit so quickly that if it didn’t work out it’s not like I would have wasted much time and I can just use the yarn for something else.

Anyone have experience with altering the sizing on sweaters??????





2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions….

  1. Cole

    Have you checked out the pattern Idlewood? It seems to have a lot of things in common with the patterns here. I don’t have any experience making sweaters or adjusting size, but there is group on Ravelry called Ample Knitters that I know has some resources for making patterns suitable for different bodies.

    Good luck figuring out those decisions!

    1. Eileen

      Awesome, that one looks pretty cute! I’d probably leave the pockets off the front but I like the cowl and short sleeves on this one. Thanks for the suggestion!


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