Handmade Holiday: Part 1

I think I might have over-piled my holiday plate this year! I decided to make all the Christmas gifts I’m giving and we’re also hosting a big holiday party (I have no idea how much of everything to buy for a party of 45!!!). My poor Mathilde blouse is just sitting neglected on the corner of my sewing table, as is my Mood fabric and a couple other projects I’ve been keen on. In the meantime, I hope you’re not sick of holiday posts!

I thought I’d share some great handmade touches that we’ve been enjoying this year (both from me and from others!). My original plan was to share the handmade gifts I made for my in-laws at our early Christmas celebration with my in-laws. But I totally forgot to take pictures of my projects before giving them away! Doy! So I’ll share the lovely things that other people did. My brother-in-law made everyone fantastic little chalkboards. To go along with it Pete’s sister-in-law made us a selection of pickled deliciousness, smoked salmon and beef jerky. Om nom nom. They were a hit!

Handmade chalkboard

Thanks Adam and Julie!!

My mother-in-law also arranged a fun little craft to keep us occupied while we were there. She had purchased a box of plain green, red and white ball ornaments and some silver and gold sharpies. We got to decorate the ornaments and bring them home!

DIY ornament

Thanks Karen!!!

This handmade ornament goes along great with some of the other homemade touches to our Christmas decorating. Last year I got this cute little snowman ornament in a gift exchange and I think it adds a great personal touch to the tree.

Cross stitch ornament

Thanks Sara!

In an attempt to rein myself in a little and not go too cray cray with Christmas decorating (as is my initial instinct) I used some left over tree trimmings and bits of Cedar garland to make a wreath for our front door! I didn’t use a wreath form or anything, instead I just tied the tree trimmings together into roughly the size circle I wanted with twine. I’d add to it little by little evening it out and filling in the gaps. Finally, I broke out ye ol’ hot glue gun to attach bits of cedar garland and cover any messiness that my rough hash job left.

Tree trimmings wreath

A liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle wonky, but not bad for my first try!

And to add a little mood lighting around the apartment I just took a few mason jars, tied some twine around the top, and added tea lights in the bottom.

Tea Light Mason Jar





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