Stash Storage

I’m lucky enough to have a designated sewing space in my apartment, but figuring storage for my fabric stash is definitely an ongoing process. I thought that today (while I’m hoarding Christmas project posts until after I’ve given the gifts) I would share what I’ve got going on so far for storage, and to ask what clever storage solutions you use.

I didn’t include the full sewing area in the pictures because it’s still a work in progress leaning toward disaster area at present. I’ve got the bulk of my fabric stash folded onto shelves above my sewing table.


On the far left of the bottom shelf I’ve got all my fabric >1/2 yard folded so I can easily see everything I’ve got. I used to keep it all packed away and while that’s visually neater I used to regularly forget what I had and made a mess of everything any time I tried to dig something out. The other thing I’ve done to for quick and easy stash assessment is written down the length of each on a little piece of paper and pinned it to the fabric. If I’m contemplating if I have the fabric I need for a project, I can just quickly see if I have enough length without having to unfold and measure things!

On the right side of the bottom shelf is all my “re-fashion” stuff. I haven’t actually done any refashions, but it’s nice to have those bits of old clothes for repairs or who knows? Maybe the refashion bug will hit me one day! (I’m looking for something cute to do with those duckies. I’ve got some blue and white striped jersey that, together with the duckies, would make an adorable quilt for a someone’s baby but my last t-shirt quilt was such a pain in the butt I’m not too eager to do another).

The top shelf is where I keep my Etsy store stuff for making felt embroidered baby onesies. I’ve got my full felt sheets easy to see under the basket on the left, with partial sheets and scraps stored in the basket.

Felt Scrap StorageThe bin on the top shelf holds my finished and unfinished onesies, sorted by size. It makes it so easy to check to see if I’ve got the stock available to fill an order.

Etsy Store StorageI’ve talked previously about how life-changing (No. That is not an overstatement) my craft caddie has been and it’s definitely helped me store some bits of fabric. I’ve got one drawer for larger scraps (<1/2 yard but still big enough to fold up).

Large fabric scrap storage

Sorry again for the terrible lighting!

And I’ve got another drawer for those really mini scraps that I always think I’ll use but never do but just as I’m thinking I should get rid of them I see someone else’s blog post about cleverly using their little scraps and my conviction to save them is renewed!

Scrap fabric storageThis is what I’ve got going on right now, but it’s definitely not the final solution. I know many of you out there have way bigger stashes than I do, so how do you store your stash? Do you save scraps as compulsively as I do????




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