Crafterall Papercut Map Art

My brother and sister-in-law gave my husband and I some beautiful artwork for our wedding and we’ve finally got it up on the wall so I thought I’d share it here.

Crafterall map artThese beautiful layered papercut maps are from the Crafterall Etsy shop and my family knew that I had been drooling over them for quite some time. Imagine my delight when we got a set of our very own!

The map on the left is the San Francisco Bay Area, where we met and currently live, and the map on the right shows the San Juan Islands off the coast off Washington, where we got married (we had the ceremony on Jones Island).

Map Art San Juan IslandsWe briefly toyed with the idea of hanging this art in our living/dining room to have it out where people can see it, but look how perfectly it goes with the origami swallow mobile I put up in our bedroom! How could we possibly hang it anywhere else??

Crafterall San Francisco map

Also pictured here are the adorable anchor pillow shams a friend gave us for Christmas

Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the vast expanse of white space above our bed! Living in earthquake territory, we’re nervous about hanging anything heavy or framed in glass. I’ve suggested a big beautiful tapestry but my husband is lukewarm on that idea. I’ve been wanting to make us a big Japanese shibori-inspired quilt in shades of white and indigo, maybe if I ever actually get around to doing that we can hang it on that wall…

You should check out Crafterall, there are tons of other beautiful maps available in all different colors (I love the map of the Great Lakes too)! You can get custom work done too but, according to a bulletin on her shop, she’s got custom work keeping her busy through June of this year! Way to go!




4 thoughts on “Crafterall Papercut Map Art

  1. Julie

    Agreed about the separation of the cut paper maps and the swallow mobile. They shouldn’t be apart. Have you looked into Bargello quilts for behind the bed?

    1. missphd Post author

      Whoa. Just did an image search for that. Those are some intense quilt patterns! I couldn’t imagine someone actually piecing one of those together!


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