DIY Garden Markers (Wit & Whistle Tutorial)

A few months ago I bought a bunch of seed packets to build an herb garden in my kitchen. Fast forward to the present and those seed packets are still waiting to be planted. Whoops! In an attempt to inspire some action I decided to make some garden markers following this fantastic tutorial by Wit & Whistle.

The tutorial was well laid out, extremely easy to follow and I’m quite pleased with the results! The only issues I had was that I had to apply a fair amount of pressure to the stamps to get a letter that showed up well enough in the clay. Sometimes this left the square indent from the bottom of the stamp around the letter. If this happens just lightly run your fingers over the area 4 or 5 times and it should smooth right out.

So head on over to Wit & Whistle and make some garden markers for yourself!

polymer clay garden markers Homemade Garden Markers

Clay Garden Markers How To

Because I still haven’t actually planted my seed packets this ‘cilantro’ garden marker is stuck in a pot of celery…..looks pretty cilantro-like though, eh?!


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