Me Made May 2014 – Pledge

I first heard about Me Made May (run by Zoe of “So, Zo…“) last year and thought it was such a great challenge, but really just didn’t have the me-made wardrobe for it. This year though, I made participation one of my New Year’s Re-Sew-Lutions!

BUT….when I made that resolution, I didn’t realize that I’d be in Borneo for part of the month!!!!! Clearly that’s going to require an edited pledge.

The honeymoon trip will be a lot of beach time and a lot of jungle time. We’ll only be in an actual city for a couple days, tops. As Zoe points out in her description of the challenge, the point of this challenge is not to panic sew a bunch of new outfits during May. Since sewing swim suit and trekking gear doesn’t really turn my crank, I won’t be wearing many me-made clothes on the trip. Instead, while packing, I’ll just trying to make a conscious decision to pack me-made options whenever it makes sense.

For the rest of the month though….no excuses! I’m going to wear Me Made everyday (repeats allowed). “Me Made” will include both garments made from scratch and ones that I’ve refashioned.

I’m hoping that participating in MMM’14 will:
1. Help me figure out why I don’t wear some of my makes and how to alter them so that I will wear them (I’m looking at you V1152 Muslin and Mathilde #2!).
2. Give me a little extra motivation to finish some of my languishing WIPs
3. Help me feel like my makes are wardrobe staples instead of occasionals (like my Eva dress!)

Without further ado, my official pledge:

 ‘I, Eileen of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear as many me made items as possible while on vacation (first two weeks of May) and at least ONE me-made item each day once I’m home for the remainder of May 2014’

I haven’t done this before so I’m not totally sure what works best but I think I’ll try to do an outfit roundup after my honeymoon then weekly outfit roundups once I’m back.

Check out the challenge and make your own pledge over at So, Zo…!


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