Me-Made May: Days 19-26

Day 19: Running errands.

MMM14 Day 19Me-Made: nautical striped dress, unblogged.

I rarely wear this dress and now that I’ve snapped some pictures of myself wearing it, I have no idea why I don’t wear it more! Totally cute and totally casual. Will definitely be increasing the rotation of this in my everyday wardrobe.

Day 20: Workin’ on job applications and cookin’ (not at the same time) ASIDE: What the hell happens to my hair over the course of a day??!??!!
MMM14 Day 20Me-Made: Vogue 1152 blouse, apron (unblogged)

Day 21: Had a friend over for dinner
MMM14 Day 21Me-Made: Aqua Goodwill refashion

Day 22: I have no idea what I did this day….
MMM14 Day 22Me-Made: Mathilde Blouse #2

Day 23: Sewing
MMM14 Day 23Me-Made: Mathilde Blouse #1

Day 24: Dinner Party
MMM14 Day 24Me-Made: Ele-Fun Refashion

Day 25: BBQ/Friend’s birthday party
MMM14 Day 25Me-Made: Vogue 8469 Maxi Dress

Day 26: Urban adventuring with the hubs! (Pictured here: learning to fly a fancy kite)
MMM14 Day 26Me-Made: Striped tanktop, self-drafted

Just a few more days to go! I don’t think I would have been able to make it through the month if I hadn’t had the couple weeks in Borneo where I didn’t have to wear me-made. Or rather, I would have made it but with a lot more repeat outfits.

How is everyone else doing with MMM’14??


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