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Me-Made May ’14: Days 27-31

I apologize for the poorer quality of the photos. Somehow I turned down the resolution on my camera, gotta figure out how to get that back up…

Day 27: Grocery shopping
MMM'14 Day 27Me-Made: Knit skirt, unblogged

Day 28: Ummm….lazing around?
MMM'14 Day 28Me-Made: Scoop Neck Top

Day 29: Prepping for my mom’s visit
MMM'14 Day 29Me-Made: Nautical striped dress, unblogged

Day 30: Mathilde Blouse #1, but I forgot to take a picture!!!

Day 31: Wine-tasting in Sonoma while my mom was visiting
MMM'14 Day 31Me-Made: Eva Dress

I had so much fun participating in Me-Made May for the first time this year, as well as following other sewist’s months! I’ll post the month’s roundup and some reflections on what I’ve learned about my me-made wardrobe tomorrow.


Me-Made May: Days 19-26

Day 19: Running errands.

MMM14 Day 19Me-Made: nautical striped dress, unblogged.

I rarely wear this dress and now that I’ve snapped some pictures of myself wearing it, I have no idea why I don’t wear it more! Totally cute and totally casual. Will definitely be increasing the rotation of this in my everyday wardrobe.

Day 20: Workin’ on job applications and cookin’ (not at the same time) ASIDE: What the hell happens to my hair over the course of a day??!??!!
MMM14 Day 20Me-Made: Vogue 1152 blouse, apron (unblogged)

Day 21: Had a friend over for dinner
MMM14 Day 21Me-Made: Aqua Goodwill refashion

Day 22: I have no idea what I did this day….
MMM14 Day 22Me-Made: Mathilde Blouse #2

Day 23: Sewing
MMM14 Day 23Me-Made: Mathilde Blouse #1

Day 24: Dinner Party
MMM14 Day 24Me-Made: Ele-Fun Refashion

Day 25: BBQ/Friend’s birthday party
MMM14 Day 25Me-Made: Vogue 8469 Maxi Dress

Day 26: Urban adventuring with the hubs! (Pictured here: learning to fly a fancy kite)
MMM14 Day 26Me-Made: Striped tanktop, self-drafted

Just a few more days to go! I don’t think I would have been able to make it through the month if I hadn’t had the couple weeks in Borneo where I didn’t have to wear me-made. Or rather, I would have made it but with a lot more repeat outfits.

How is everyone else doing with MMM’14??

Me Made May: Borneo

As per my pledge, I packed as many me made clothes as I could for my Borneo trip, which was just two. The star of the trip turned out to be my Aqua Goodwill refashion. I’ve been a bit surprised by how much I wear that shirt in general since I wasn’t quite sure how much I liked the shirt as I was making it. It’s just so comfy, easy to wear and washable!

As NOT per my pledge, I did a terrible job of documenting the me made outfits I wore in Borneo. Either I missed outfits entirely or I only have partial pictures. Whoops! Guess I was too busy gawkin’ to pose for pictures!

Me Made May '14

I wore the first outfit to “chill” in the jungle, feed a fake rhino and watch the sunset with my hubs. This shirt is a warm weather WINNER! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Me Made Borneo Outfit 2

Can you even see me in my me made camouflage Scoop Neck Tee?? I just blended right in with the jungle animal spotting in this one. Speaking of which, that’s an orangutan on the platform behind me.

And that’s it for the me made outfits! So, here’s some pictures of what I was gawkin’ at so you’ll understand why I wasn’t thinking about MMM’14…..

Baby orangutan Borneo

Baby orangutan at one of the rehabilitation centers. (We saw some wild ones too but they’re way harder to get pictures of)

Lankayan Island

Lankayan Island

Borneo macaque

I don’t know why but this little guy cracked me up – just sittin’ there, stuffin’ his face with food…..

Proboscis Monkey Borneo

The proboscis monkey, aka Nature’s Cruelest Joke. Phallic nose, beer belly, constant visible arousal and persistent flatulence

Pygmy Elephant

Pygmy Elephant!!!! I think we were really lucky to see this!

Kinabatangan Sunset

Sunset over the Kinabatangan River

Danum Valley

Danum Valley

Borneo Rainforest Lodge

Borneo Rainforest Lodge