Me-Made May ’14: Days 27-31

I apologize for the poorer quality of the photos. Somehow I turned down the resolution on my camera, gotta figure out how to get that back up…

Day 27: Grocery shopping
MMM'14 Day 27Me-Made: Knit skirt, unblogged

Day 28: Ummm….lazing around?
MMM'14 Day 28Me-Made: Scoop Neck Top

Day 29: Prepping for my mom’s visit
MMM'14 Day 29Me-Made: Nautical striped dress, unblogged

Day 30: Mathilde Blouse #1, but I forgot to take a picture!!!

Day 31: Wine-tasting in Sonoma while my mom was visiting
MMM'14 Day 31Me-Made: Eva Dress

I had so much fun participating in Me-Made May for the first time this year, as well as following other sewist’s months! I’ll post the month’s roundup and some reflections on what I’ve learned about my me-made wardrobe tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Me-Made May ’14: Days 27-31

    1. missphd Post author

      Thanks!! Taking a moment to consider what I’m wearing each day (and knowing that I’d have to photograph it) definitely made me be a little more thoughtful and composed about my wardrobe choices.


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